How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

When a relationship starts, or you discover a new kink, sex is super exciting. As the time goes on however, the “honeymoon” period soon starts to draw in and sex can become boring and mundane – but there’s no need to worry just yet! There are plenty of ways that you can spice up your […]

How to become your escort’s favourite client

It’s the nature of the profession that an escort will regularly see several clients a week. After all, it’s their job to entertain – and more often than not, the thrill they get from being wined and dined by their gentlemen clients will just be too great a temptation for them to ignore. But how […]

What makes an escort exceptional?

This is a question we often get asked here at Wildcats: why should I choose to book an encounter with your escort agency? What actually sets your girls apart from all the other stunning women who are available in the North? It’s a straightforward question, but one with a pretty complicated answer. You’ll often see […]

How Rooney’s recent cheating scandal could have been avoided

Former Manchester United star, Wayne Rooney, has been caught cheating yet again. This time it was with Manchester party girl Laura Simpson. Wayne was pulled over by police due to a faulty break light, and was then found to be three times over the limit for alcohol. Rooney has previously found himself in trouble for […]

4 sex positions to try if you orgasm too quickly

You’ve just got into the mood and things are getting hot and steamy – but no sooner than it’s begun, you pass the point of no return and it’s all over! You may think that this problem only affects you, but our escorts say that it’s an issue that affects a lot of men. Luckily […]